17 teams, each plays the others twice - home and away - for a total of 32 games each, over 34 game weeks.

Scoring points:

3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss.

Table order:

1. points won; 2. games won; 3. points in head-to-head matches; 4. games won in hth matches; 5. goal difference in hth matches; 6. goals scored in hth matches; 7. away goals in hth matches; 8. total goal difference; 9. total goals scored; 10. total away goals scored.

Relegation to the league:

2 teams from 2012/2013 Premier League

1 more team from 2012/2013 Premier League possible to relegate through Play-offs 1/2

Promotion from the league:

1-2 place: promoted to 2013/2014 Premier League

3-4 place: enter Play-offs 1/2 with two Premier League teams for 2 places in 2013/2014 Premier League

Relegation from the league:

16-17 place: relegated to 2013/2014 2. Division

Promotion to the league:

5 teams from 2012/2013 2. Division

Changes from last season:

Tom' Tomsk and Spartak Nal'chik relegated from Premier League

Mordovia Saransk and Alaniya promoted to Premier League

Gazovik Orenburg, Luch Vladivostok, Chernomorets, Fakel and Zhemchuzhina Sochi relegated to 2. Division

Petrotrest, Salyut Belgorod, Rotor Volgograd, Neftekhimik and Metallurg Novokuznetsk promoted from 2. Division

Changes before the season:

Nizhny Novgorod, 3rd; and Kamaz, 9th last season; withdraw and are relegated to 2. Division.

As a result, group is reduced to 18 teams, to be expanded back to 20 teams from 2013/2014.

On 2 July 2012 the FNL excludes Dinamo Bryansk, 5th last season; from the league, as a result of their license being revoked by the RFS due to financial irregularities.

On 2 July 2012 the FNL promotes Ufa, 2nd in 2. Division - Ural-Povolzhye last season; as the only team from 2. Division able to obtain a 1. Division license.

on 5 July 2012 Torpedo Vladimir, 12th last season; withdraws from the competition due to financial difficulties.

As a result, and since no other 2. Division teams are able to obtain a 1. Division division license, the group is further reduced to 17 teams.