1st Phase:



10 teams, each plays the others once- for a total of 9 games each, over 9 game weeks.

Scoring points:

3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss.

Table order:

1. points won; 2. games won; 3. total goal difference; 4. total goals scored; 5.* points in head-to-head matches; 6. lesser number of red cards received; 7. lesser number of yellow cards received; 8. draw.

* - only if exactly 2 teams are tied.

Qualification for the Final Stages:

1-4 place: qualify for the Final Stages

Relegation from the league:

9-10 place: relegated to Série B

Promotion to the league:

2 teams from Série B

Final Stages:



4 teams from the 1st Phase contest the Capixaba champion in a knockout format.


The teams are paired according to their 1st Phase standings:

1st vs 4th;

2nd vs 3rd.

Winners are decided over two legs.

The teams with higher 1st Phase placing host the second legs.


The two Semi-finals winners meet each other with the winner becoming Capixaba champion.

Winner is decided over two legs.

The team with higher 1st Phase placing hosts the second legs.

Tie-breakers for the knockout matches over two legs:

1. aggregate score from the two legs, 2. higher 1st Phase placing.

Qualification for Serie D:

champion: qualifies for Serie D

* - if the 1st placed team is participating in Serie A, Serie B, Serie C or Serie D, the best placed team that isn't already assured participation in Serie a, Serie B, Serie C or Serie D qualifies instead.

Qualification for Copa do Brasil:

champion: qualifies for Copa do Brasil

Qualification for Copa Verde:

champion: qualifies for Copa Verde