Serie A
7 December 2018
Game week
0 - 0
1 - 0
Allianz Stadium (Torino)


M. Mandžukić (G) 66' (assist by: João Cancelo)
1 - 0


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Inter battled hard and had Juventus on the ropes on a few occasions, but they struggled to assert themselves in the second half and seemed to tire as the game wore on. There wasn't much in it but the Nerazzurri didn't quite have enough firepower in their ranks to find a way through the league leaders' solid back line, no matter what they tried to do.
90'+5 Inter are trying their hardest to carve out one final chance on goal but they just can't seem to get anywhere near the Juventus box. A lofted pass is fired deep into the hosts' half of the pitch and towards Balde, who brings down the ball but is immediately dispossessed by Bonucci.
90'+3 Inter work the free kick short before sending the ball over to the left wing, where Asamoah curls a cross into the penalty area. Cancelo's attempted clearance is a poor one and only finds Martinez, who shoots but sends his scuffed effort past the far post.
90'+2 Skriniar embarks on a great run out of the Inter half of the pitch and down the right flank, where he beats several players before being fouled by Mandzukic. What can the visitors do with this set-piece?
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
89' Inter pile bodies forward as they desperately try to find a way back into the game. Balde manages to dispossess Bentancur in a dangerous position and tee up Perisic, but the Croatian has the ball poked away from him by Chiellini before he can shoot.
87' The corner is cleared but Juventus quickly come back once again, with Bentancur being fouled by Martinez and winning the hosts a free kick. They're doing a really good job to run down the clock as we near the 90-minute mark.
86' Ronaldo breaks into the left-hand side of the Inter box and waits for a team-mate to join him, but Costa isn't able to do so quickly enough and the Portuguese has to settle for a corner.
85' Matuidi gets the better of Valero out wide before cutting inside and heading towards the penalty area, but he's clumsily fouled from behind by the Spaniard, resulting in a free kick for Juventus.
84' The set-piece is quickly followed by a second corner, which goes incredibly close to picking out Bonucci on the edge of the six-yard box but misses the defender by the narrowest of margins before finding Handanovic.
83' Can immediately gets involved in the thick of the action and bursts into the box. He then tries to pick out Bentancur, but Inter are just about able to deal with the danger and concede a corner.
82' Can receives a rousing round of applause from the home fans as he makes his return from injury to replace Pjanic.
80' Balde makes a nuisance of himself inside the penalty area and manages to win a corner off Chiellini. It quickly results in a second one, and Juventus have plenty of bodies back to make sure Inter can't carve out a chance on goal.
78' Martinez makes an immediate impact as he picks up the ball in a pocket of space. He immediately sprints forward and shoots from 25 yards out, but he gets his long-range effort all wrong and fires it well wide of the goal.
77' It's another attacking substutition by Inter, with Mario making way for Martinez.
76' Bentancur picks up possession in a promising position and heads towards the Inter penalty area. He then pokes a throughball into the path of Ronaldo, but the Portuguese is beaten to the ball by Asamoah as he darts into the box.
75' Perisic is able to latch on to Vrsaljko's cross from the set-piece, but he's put under pressure as he does so and can only send a looping headed effort straight into the hands of Szczesny.
74' Perisic steps up and shoots from the free kick, but the Croatian's curling effort hits Matuidi in the wall and loops behind for a corner over on the right flank.
73' Valero is left in plenty of space in the middle of the pitch, allowing him to burst towards the Juventus box. He takes an age to pick a pass and almost loses the ball but instead wins a free kick after being fouled from behind by Matuidi.
72' Costa has come on to replace Dybala in a straight swap for the home side.
70' Inter have made a change, and it's an attacking one. Gagliardini has made way, with Balde coming on to the pitch.
68' Juventus lose the ball and allow Inter to counter-attack through Icardi, who drives forward before being dispossessed by a well-timed sliding tackle from Chiellini. Can Inter respond quickly?
66' Cancelo has made a real nuisance of himself over on the left flank, and it's no surprise his cross found the head of Mandzukic. Inter have played well tonight but started to take too many risks at the back and were made to pay.
GOAL! Juventus have taken the lead! The home side have been pushing hard over the last 10 minutes and have finally found the back of the net. Cancelo heads towards the byline and whips a cross over to the far post, where Mandzukic easily gets the better of Asamoah and finds the back of the net with a diving header to make it 1-0 to the league leaders.
64' Juventus have a really good opportunity to carve out an opportunity on goal but are slightly too slow in doing so. Cancelo cuts inside from the left wing and looks to shoot but is dispossessed before he can do anything with the ball.
62' A chipped cross is fired over to the far post, where Asamoah misjudges the flight of the ball and almost allows it to fall to Bentancur. Handanovic is just about able to deal with it, though, denying the midfielder a chance on goal.
60' A sloppy pass from Brozovic can only find Matuidi, who quickly works the ball over to Ronaldo. The Portuguese heads towards the box and shoots, but his strike is slightly too powerful and clears the crossbar by a few yards.
58' Inter have made their first substitution of the evening, with Valero coming on to replace Politano.
57' Another late challenge, another booking. Brozovic is beaten by Dybala and ends up catching the Argentine with a late challenge, resulting in the referee reaching for his yellow card once again.
56' The resulting free kick is taken by Pjanic, who whips a curling cross into the heart of the visitors' penalty area but can only find the head of Miranda.
55' The yellow card is out once again, and this time it's Perisic who's booked after catching Dybala from behind with a mistimed sliding challenge.
54' Bentancur dives into Gagliardini and catches the Inter midfielder with a late, aggressive challenge, leaving the referee with no choice but to show the Uruguayan a yellow card.
53' It's Inter's turn to shoot themselves in the foot inside their own penalty area, with Handanovic and Miranda guilty of overplaying. Juventus are able to win the ball and work it over to Dybala, who shoots but scuffs a strike high over the crossbar.
52' Mandzukic goes close! Cancelo and Matuidi link up well before the Frenchman fizzes a pass across the face of goal. It looks set to pick out Mandzukic, but the Croatian can't quite latch on to the ball.
50' Inter come back once again as they continue their good start to the second half. A looping cross is fired into the box and towards the far post, but it's overhit and fails to find either Perisic or Icardi in front of goal.
48' Huge opportunity for Politano! Juventus are all over the place at the back, with Matuidi losing the ball on the edge of his own penalty area. It allows Politano to get a shot away, but his effort isn't entirely convincing and fails to find a way past Bonucci.
46' We're underway once again!
Inter have lived slightly dangerously at times, and their defending - particularly at set-pieces - will have left Spalletti frustrated. Luckily for the Nerazzurri, Juventus haven't been able to take advantage of that sloppiness, but they'll have to be at their best throughout the second half if they're to leave with a clean sheet.
It's been a fascinating Derby d'Italia clash, with the two teams evenly matched as things stand. Neither side has managed to enjoy lengthy spells on the front foot, with attacking dominance being shared. Inter went closest to scoring through Gagliardini, but the midfielder could only hit the post after beating Szczesny.
45'+1 It's Politano who steps up and curls a cross into the heart of the penalty area, where several Inter players go for the ball but are beaten to it by Szczesny, who does well to rush out and deal with the danger.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be one minute of added time.
44' Inter patiently pass the ball around inside the hosts' half of the pitch as they try to find a way through. They're initially unable to do so before Politano is clumsily fouled by Cancelo, resulting in a free kick in a dangerous position. What will they be able to do with this golden opportunity?
42' Inter are able to break out of their own half of the pitch and attack down the left wing. Perisic manages to get himself into a good position but overhits his cross, allowing Szczesny to watch it sail out of play for a goal kick.
40' Juventus pile bodies forward over on the left flank, where Mandzukic and Cancelo link up to win the home side yet another corner. It's Bonucci who's picked out this time, but like Chiellini he can't quite hit the target with his headed effort. Inter really need to sort themselves out defensively.
38' Another great chance for Chiellini! The centre-back is left all alone inside the box and manages to latch on to a well-placed corner, but this time he sends his effort a few yards over the top of the crossbar.
37' Fantastic save by Handanovic! The resulting set-piece is curled right on to the head of Chiellini, who meets it well and forces Handanovic into making a brilliant diving stop at the near post.
36' What a block by Brozovic! Dybala heads down the left-hand side of the visitors' penalty area and cuts the ball back to Bentancur. It looks as if the midfielder is going to fire Juventus into the lead, but Brozovic is there to deflect his first-time striker behind for a corner.
35' De Sciglio sends another good ball into the heart of the Inter box and manages to find Mandzukic. It's sent slightly behind the striker, but he does well to force Handanovic into making a diving save with his downward header.
33' It's end to end stuff at the moment, with both sides enjoying periods on the front foot before being forced to retreat. Inter have been the better of the two sides inside the final third of the pitch but really need to start making their chances count.
31' Chance for Perisic! Inter come back once again, with Politano causing problems out wide before sending a low cross towards Perisic. The Croatian immediately shoots but is accidentally put off by Icardi and sends his effort well wide of the goal.
28' De Sciglio receives the ball over on the right flank and whips a dangerous cross on to the head of Dybala. The Argentine tries to nod the ball over to Mandzukic at the far post, but Vrsaljko is just about able to reach the ball first.
26' Inter continue to put pressure on Juventus as the home side drop back slightly. Vrsaljko heads down the right wing once again and this time sends a cross into the box, but it can only find the head of De Sciglio.
23' Ronaldo takes on Skriniar deep down the left flank and looks to have got the better of the defender, but he ends up conceding a free kick after catching him on the nose. It's left the Slovakian a little bloody and in need of treatment on the touchline.
21' Perisic gets himself into a good position out wide and sends another dangerous cross into the penalty area, but once again Icardi can't quite reach the ball and it sails into Szczesny's hands.
19' Ronaldo skips down the left wing and towards the visitors' box, where Vrsaljko is just about able to dispossess the Portuguese and poke the ball behind for a corner. Pjanic's cross is poorly hit, though, and it fails to beat the first man.
17' Vital header by Chiellini! A lofted pass is fired down the left flank and picks out Perisic. The Croatian immediately sends a looping cross into the box and towards Icardi, who is waiting to test Szczesny from close range but is beaten to the ball by Chiellini.
15' The hosts move the ball around well as they try to find a way into the Inter penalty area. Ronaldo cuts inside and sets up Matuidi, who stretches as he tries to latch on to it and ends up catching Gagliardini with a late challenge.
13' Juventus are enjoying plenty of possession after managing to weather an early storm. De Sciglio is the latest player to push forward before sending a cross into the box, but it's underhit and easily blasted away.
11' Juventus cause problems from the corner, with Inter just about managing to clear the danger before Cancelo sends a cross back into the penalty area. It finds Chiellini, who then sends his header high and wide.
10' Dybala goes close again! Inter are caught out at the back, with Brozovic sending the ball straight to Dybala. The forward takes a quick touch and shoots, but Handanovic is just about able to tip the shot behind for a corner.
8' Chance for Juventus! Ronaldo cuts inside from out wide and gets the better of Politano before firing a wonderful cross into the middle of the box. It manages to pick out Dybala, but the Argentine ends up sending his headed effort over the crossbar.
6' It's early in the game but the referee has already reached for the yellow card. It's Pjanic who finds himself on the receiving end after clumsily catching Mario from behind.
4' The resulting set-piece is curled into a dangerous position inside the penalty area, but Szczesny is able to punch the ball away from danger before the referee signals that it went out of play on its way towards the goalkeeper.
3' After an even start to the game, it's Inter who push forward on the first decent attack of the evening. They work the ball around well before Asamoah whips in a cross, and Mario then fires a deflected shot behind for a corner.
1' We're off! It's Juventus who get us underway.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Inter substitutes: Stefan de Vrij, Matias Vecino, Lautaro Martinez, Keita Balde, Andrea Ranocchia, Borja Valero, Daniele Padelli, Danilo D’Ambrosio, Antonio Candreva.
Inter XI (4-2-3-1): Samir Handanovic; Sime Vrsaljko, Milan Skriniar, Joao Miranda, Kwadwo Asamoah; Roberto Gagliardini, Marcelo Brozovic; Matteo Politano, Joao Mario, Ivan Perisic; Mauro Icardi.
Juventus substitutes: Medhi Benatia, Douglas Costa, Juan Cuadrado, Carlo Pinsoglio, Mattia Perin, Emre Can, Daniele Rugani, Federico Bernardeschi, Leonardo Spinazzola.
Juventus XI (4-3-3): Wojciech Szczesny; Mattia De Sciglio, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini, Joao Cancelo; Rodrigo Bentancur, Miralem Pjanic, Blaise Matuidi; Paulo Dybala, Mario Mandzukic, Cristiano Ronaldo.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
It’s currently over six years since Inter last won away against Juventus, although they went close to doing so the last time the two sides met back in April. Two late goals resulted in the 10 men of the Nerazzurri losing by the narrowest of margins, meaning on only one occasion in the last six editions of the Derby d’Italia have they stopped their rivals from leaving with all three points.
Inter have enjoyed a decent opening few months themselves and currently sit third in the table, although they head to the Allianz Stadium with one victory from five games after a tricky period. That’s particularly been the case on the road, where they’ve only managed to beat Lazio since getting the better of struggling SPAL at the start of October.
The Derby d’Italia rarely fails to entertain, and tonight’s game promises to be a thoroughly exciting affair. Juventus have been ruthless in their efficiency but it hasn’t been entirely plain sailing for the reigning champions. Genoa held them to a frustrating 1-1 draw in October before Manchester United left Turin victorious in what is so far their only defeat in any competition this season.
14 games into the season and Juventus are yet to lose in Serie A, comfortably putting them at the top of the table and, even at this relatively early stage of the campaign, on course for an eighth consecutive title. They already sit eight points clear of nearest challengers Napoli and could extend their lead even further with a victory against their great rivals tonight.
Hello and welcome to our live coverage of today’s Serie A game between Juventus and Inter at the Allianz Stadium.


W. Szczęsny
S. Handanovič
Š. Vrsaljko
M. De Sciglio
G. Chiellini
M. Pjanić
R. Gagliardini
Cristiano Ronaldo
M. Icardi
P. Dybala
B. Matuidi
João Mário
M. Politano
M. Mandžukić
K. Asamoah
L. Bonucci
João Cancelo
João Miranda
R. Bentancur
M. Škriniar
I. Perišić
M. Brozović

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M. Irrati
F. Meli
Fourth official
D. Doveri

Match Stats

Juventus Internazionale
46 Attacks (Dangerous) 33
10 Corners 8
13 Fouls 16
17 Free Kicks 15
8 Goal Kicks 11
2 Offsides 1
2 Shots (blocked) 2
9 Shots (off target) 7
4 Shots (on target) 2
0 Shots (woodwork) 1
18 Throw Ins 12

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