Premier League
26 December 2017
Game week
0 - 2
2 - 2
Old Trafford (Manchester)


0 - 1
3' A. Barnes (G) (assist by: K. Long)
0 - 2
36' S. Defour (G)
J. Lingard (G) 53' (assist by: A. Young)
1 - 2
J. Lingard (G) 90'+1
2 - 2


Minute   Description
A loss for Leicester means that Burnley still have breathing space in seventh after today - but with Liverpool and Arsenal still to play, they will be banking on results going their way to remain in the hunt for Europe. The Clarets tangle with Huddersfield on Saturday, for their final game of the year - whilst United host Southampton, likely to be still smarting from their drubbing at the hands of Tottenham today. Until then however, thank you for joining us - and enjoy the rest of 2017!
On a mere statistical level, Manchester United should have walked this game. Instead, they came from behind with two goals from Jesse Lingard to break the hearts of a determined Clarets side that looked to be on the verge of something special from the opening minutes. Instead, Mourinho's men remain unbeaten on Boxing Day at home for almost 40 years - and their title hopes grow that little bit dimmer too. Full-time at Old Trafford, it finishes Manchester United 2-2 Burnley.
90'+5 Mee leathers it long, looking for Vokes up front, only to find De Gea out in the box. The keeper plays it infield - but before he can put a pass on, the referee blows for full-time!
90'+3 United are pressing for that winner now, throwing everything they have downfield. Burnley look in shock, though Pope makes two quick saves to deny them that third goal. Moments away from full-time.
90'+1 Lingard breaks the hearts of Burnley! The substitute has been a standout for United since coming on at the break and although his attempted header from Mata's free-kick only goes to ground, his strike through a crowded box a few passes later slips between the legs of two defenders and rolls into the bottom right corner, behind an aghast Pope. 2-2 with mere minutes to play.
90' Lingard puts a half-volley in from left off a Lukaku rebound only for Mee to lunge a leg in the way to block. United then get a free-kick after Cork catches Mata - only 25 yards out in front. Five added minutes and a yellow for the Burnley man too.
88' A clash of heads in the Burnley box between Rashford and Taylor sees both go to ground in a heap. They're both alright and exchange pats on the back as they get to their feet, whilst Pope takes the goal kick to restart.
86' Burnley have their effort snuffed out on halfway but then earn a free-kick as Jones catches Gudmundsson with a trailing leg.
84' Free-kick to United now as Pogba goes down some 30 yards out on the right. Matic brings it in with a lofted cross looking for Rashford - and instead finds Walters who races off downfield in a solo counter-move.
83' If Burnley can hold on here, this surely will go down as one of Sean Dyche's finest results. He has taken the Clarets from relegation regulars to potential contenders for the Europa League - and three points here today will be a just reward.
81' A second change for the visitors now as their other goalscorer Barnes departs with Jonathan Walters on for the final ten minutes or so.
79' Now Sam Vokes gets a yellow card, for a challenge that bordered on reasonable on Pogba. Referee Martin Atkinson has perhaps been a touch trigger-happy today.
78' United have made 525 passes compared to Burnley's 219 so far. This has been one hell of a showing in defence from the Clarets - as well as one poor performance up front from the Red Devils. If they lose here, the title race is almost definitely over if it isn't already.
76' A corner for United again after Rashford sees his effort pushed aside by the leg of Vokes. Burnley are able to collect in the box too, from Mata's tame tap-in, and manage to put some daylight between the ball and their net.
74' Mata tries a chip after a flurry of passes pin him back in the left corner of the Burnley box, only to put it straight to Pope instead. The United man is furious with himself.
73' Pope now collects a Young cross at the near right post and appears to be out of play as he does - though neither linesman or referee see it and instead award the goal kick, to the livid disgust of several United forwards.
71' Another yellow card now, this time for Pope, though it's not too clear why. Time-wasting would seem to be the answer.
70' Pogba takes and puts it on the same line Defour did in the first half; only this time, he steers it over the crossbar and puts it into the stands.
69' Free-kick to United now, and in the same area from where Defour netted for Burnley in the first half too, after Bardsley plants a reckless slide tackle on Lingard. Pogba to take...
67' Dyche makes his first change, with goalscorer Defour off and Sam Vokes on. Burnley look to be bringing two up front now; are they looking to force a third goal against the run of play?
66' Rashford can't find anybody with the kick though, spraying it across the box and out on the other side for Pope to collect and return.
65' That's a poor decision. Mkhitaryan earns a cheap free-kick, at the close point of the left edge of Burnley's box after he goes down under glancing pressue from Gudmundsson. To add insult, the Burnley player is booked too.
63' Young turns a flat cross in on the right edge of the box, seeking Pogba who races up; instead, he finds Mee who clears as far as the centre circle before Jones pushes up to collect.
61' Lukaku! The Belgian international is gifted a plum chance to head in the equaliser; instead, he steers it back out into open play, with Lingard putting a soft shot straight to Pope instead.
59' Mkhitaryan is also booked now too, after waving a finger at Long and then pushing the Burnley defender, with Lukaku coming in to break things up before they turned nasty.
57' The Clarets keeper is pushed back into action again as Mkhitaryan tries to connect to a Mata cross, not quite finding the angle and instead pushing it to the man in goal instead.
55' Burnley look shaken by that score and it's easy to see why. Suddenly, Old Trafford has come alive, with all the sound and fury you'd expect. Lingard looks to slip a ball in for Pogba as United seek the leveller but Pope clears with a punch.
53' What a pass from Young too, to supply the goal; under pressure from Mee on the other edge of the penalty area.
Lingard pulls one back for United! And what a cheeky goal too; he puts a backheel onto a neat pass into the box through the legs of Long and sees it trickle into the bottom left corner, with Pope caught on the other side of his net expecting the cut-back volley. Suddenly, the Red Devils can see daylight again.
52' Shaw gets a booking now after he plants a late tackle on Hendrick after the latter sweeps a cross in for Barnes that runs too deep. Burnley are leading still - and with 30 per cent possession to boot.
50' WHAT. A. SAVE. Mee seems able to continue as Mkhitaryan drifts around the right wing, looking for the cross. He puts it in for Lingard - and the ball clips Pope sails up above the crossbar before bouncing off it twice and back down in the field of play. The substitute and keeper Pope both scramble for the ball, before Long muscles in and leathers it away from danger.
48' Rashford tries his luck not once but twice - first from 25 yards out on the left and a second time from a similar angle, albeit with a low, powerful shot. Both are dealt with by Pope - and now Ben Mee is down nursing a knock too.
46' is Rojo with Jesse Lingard and Henrikh Mkhitaryan on in their places.
We're back underway at Old Trafford, with Jose Mourinho making two changes already to try and salvage something from this game. Ibrahimovic is off...
That rather stellar Boxing Day record at home is in danger of crumbling down around them for Manchester United as they trail by two against a determined Burnley. The Red Devils have had their chances - with nine shots to three - but the impressive work of Nick Pope in goal has denied them the chance to strike back. At half-time at Old Trafford, it's Manchester United 0-2 Burnley.
45'+3 Gudmundsson's effort spills across the face of goal and United clear through Jones, as the referee blows for half-time!
45'+2 Corner now for Burnley as Rojo sees out a cross lofted in by Hendrick looking for Barnes. Gudmundsson to take...
45' Corner to United again as a Young cross from the right comes off Arfield and bounces out. Matic can't get his head to the cross curled in though the Red Devils do earn a throw after Long forces it out. Three added minutes incoming.
43' Long deals with the corner at the near left post from Mata under little pressure - and then Pogba collects back in open play and puts a screamer of a shot on the far right edge, just curling it above and around the post.
41' Ibrahimovic! The legendary former Sweden international cuts into the box on the left and blows his shot well over the crossbar and the leaping Pope - but he earns a corner as replays show a late nick off Long deflected it out.
39' Lukaku is down in the Burnley box now, clutching his head after a clash with Pope that saw the keeper punch away the ball headed for the Belgian from Pogba. He gets to his feet after a moment - looking a touch groggy - and is cleared to continue.
38' Rashford looks to get one back as fast as possible for the hosts, tearing down the left wing with a Mata long ball. He takes two steps in off his foot, into the box, and catches Pope out of place as he buries his shot towards the bottom right corner - and Mee somehow arrives in the nick of time to deflect it off the line. What an impromptu save from the Burnley captain there.
36' Steven Defour, take a bow! What an absolute beauty of a free-kick from the Clarets man, who curls it over the short wall and loops it into the top-left corner, just squeaking past the fingertips of De Gea. Burnley lead 2-0 at the Theatre of Dreams - outstanding from Sean Dyche's men.
35' Pope snares another Mata corner in mid air before Lukaku can climb for it. The Burnley keeper is having a rather good afternoon so far - and now Young fouls Arfield down the other end, 25 yards or so out in front of goal. Defour to take...
34' Charlie Taylor gets the third card of the afternoon after a clumsy effort - and United follow up their free-kick deep with a corner as Bardsley sees it out behind him.
32' It's Pope who puts the brakes on another United attack now; Mata, supplied by Rashford, cuts a path through stodgy defence at the back for the hosts and then whips a tight, fast shot towards the far right goalpost, where the Clarets keeper reads his move and collects calmly.
30' If you've missed the first five minutes, you'd be forgiven for wondering how Manchester United trail here. They have really turned up the pressure in the past quarter-hour, looking to get that goal back in the game; Burnley are holding their own though thanks to some heroics from Nick Pope in goal.
28' Hendrick and Bardsley see off a Rashford/Pogba two-pronged attack heading down the left wing at speed and create a counter of their own that Rojo deals with easily after a misplaced pass.
26' Sean Dyche will be happy to get that. Defour breaks up play with an interception and then earns a free-kick just inside the opposition half off Phil Jones. The resulting cross into the box isn't anything to write home about from Gudmundsson - but it does offer a moment for the visitors to pause for the first time in a while.
25' There is little respite for the visitors again though; a passing error from Arfield out wide on the right flank gifts Rashford the ball and United hurtle forward again.
23' Yet another corner for the hosts, this time as Long puts the ball out deflecting a Shaw effort, It cuts across everyone in the box from Mata to Lukaku on the far side. The Belgian plays it along the touchline and brings it back in from the right wing - and Pope finally claims after Pogba stuffs an attempted scissor kick. Burnley breathe easy for now.
22' Another corner now as an Ibrahimovic shot is deflected out; Pope manages to clear the effort curled his way but United get a throw almost immediately.
21' Back-to-back corners for United now as Pope continues to foil the attempts of Lukaku and Pogba - though he is not helped in the second effort by Mee falling over himself in the box. United still pressing.
19' Free-kick out on the right corner of the Burnley box now after Mee comes together with Young in a soft challenge. Mata steers it in, looking for the top left corner; Pope does enough to push it away for the left wing of the pitch, where United get another free-kick after Bardsley catches Ibrahimovic.
17' What a shot from Shaw! The United man picks up the ball in midfield on the left, plays himself forward to 25 yards out and launches a thundering left-footer that Pope tips away with a desperate save. The Red Devils are starting to show some spark.
16' Jones and Young fail to deal with a playback ball between them, giving space for Gudmundsson to cut through on the wide left wing; de Gea races to the edge of his box and manages to haul it in before the Burnley man can get there.
14' United haven't started this game with much in the way of get-up-and-go. Mourinho's men are playing with an almost louche attitude so far - though they almost grab the leveller they seek after Young's cross curled from the right wing just misses a diving header from Lukaku five yards in front.
12' Arfield almost grabs a second for Burnley after Bardsley whips a ball into the box from the right edge, wide by 20 yards; the midfielder catches it on the half volley and just tips his effort from 15 yards out over the crossbar.
10' Ibrahimovic lofts a cross from the right wing, having cut out wide, into the box looking for Rashford or Lukaku; neither are in a hurry to follow it up though and Pope collects uncontested.
8' Pogba plays a ball through the centre-right flank of the Burnley defence, that gives Lukaku the space to follow up - only for the Belgian's first touch to be too heavy and possession falls to Pope in goal.
6' United pile the pressure on the Burnley box, and Young manages to sneak around the back four on the right flank of the penalty area. He turns it in for Matic who can't quite get the connection he wants, and Mee spirits it away out of danger.
4' Play restarts and Barnes hounds after the ball, going after Young - only to mistime his tackle and recieve a booking for his troubles. Two yellows in almost as many minutes - this is shaping up to be a firecracker of a Boxing Day clash.
3' Barnes scores! What a start for Burnley - they lead within the first 150 seconds at Old Trafford! Gudmundsson's free-kick isn't dealt with by Lukaku in the box and in the scramble of bodies in the six yard area, the Clarets man buries it at the close post underneath De Gea. 1-0 to the visitors inside three minutes.
Kevin Long gets the assist, having been among the throng of players jockeying for that free-kick from Gudmundsson. Sean Dyche will be over the moon with that start from his side.
2' An early chance for the Clarets now; they get a free-kick on their left flank, right on the side of the penalty area after Rojo lands a clumsy tackle on Defour, cutting across the forward and throwing his arm across the neck in a frankly daft move. Gudmundsson to take...
1' We're underway at Old Trafford! United get an early free-kick after Gudmundsson trails a leg into Shaw challenging down the right wing and De Gea blasts it back into open play.
Subs: Westwood, Marney, Lowton, Walters, Lindegaard, Vokes, Wells
BURNLEY (4-5-1): Pope, Bardsley, Long, Taylor, Mee, Hendrick, Gudmundsson, Defour, Cork, Arfield, Barnes
Subs: Mkhitaryan, Blind, Herrera, Lingard, Tuanzebe, Lindelof, Romero
MANCHESTER UNITED (4-4-2): de Gea, Rojo, Jones, Shaw, Young, Mata, Matic, Pogba, Rashford, Lukaku, Ibrahimovic
Team news now in...
Burnley currently sit in their best Christmas time position in the top flight since 1973, when they were third; they subsequently finished sixth that season. The Clarets have been good at closing down opportunities for goals this year too; only 31 goals have been scored across their 19 games since the summer, less than any other team in the competition.
Burnley face a tough ask when looking at the history books in front of the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand today; they haven’t beaten United in their own back yard since 1962, going winless in 13 since. Furthermore, the Red Devils are unbeaten at home on Boxing Day in 39 years, last losing the day after Christmas at Old Trafford to Liverpool in 1978. Sean Dyche’s men did however walk away with a point last time out, in a goalless draw – despite facing 38 shots on goal, more than any other single game in the 2016-17 season.
Two second-half injury time goals have vastly changed the shape of United’s season in the past seven days; a Korey Smith strike knocked them out of the EFL Cup against underdogs Bristol City whilst a late Harry Maguire effort saw them surrender a near-certain three points in the pursuit of Manchester City for the title on Saturday. The 13-point deficit between crosstown rivals in first and second is the biggest by Christmas Day in Premier League history; a bitter pill to swallow for the once-dominant Old Trafford faithful.
Hello and festive tidings to you all as you join us for live coverage of Boxing Day in the 2017-18 Premier League, with Manchester United looking to tuck away the turkey of their last two games against Burnley. Jose Mourinho has blasted his side over the past week as their chances of silverware have narrowed considerably; can he put the Red Devils’ season back on track against opposition chasing a historic spot in Europe? Kick-off is just around the corner.


David de Gea
C. Taylor
J. Cork
P. Jones
M. Rojo
P. Pogba
B. Mee
R. Lukaku
A. Barnes
Z. Ibrahimović
J. Hendrick
S. Defour
J. Guðmunds­son
A. Young
M. Rashford
L. Shaw
P. Bardsley
K. Long
N. Pope
N. Matić
S. Arfield


Additional info

M. Atkinson
S. Child
Fourth official
L. Mason


Match Stats

Manchester United Burnley
41 Attacks (Dangerous) 13
12 Corners 2
10 Fouls 14
15 Free Kicks 10
6 Goal Kicks 7
0 Offsides 1
6 Shots (blocked) 0
4 Shots (off target) 0
5 Shots (on target) 0
0 Shots (woodwork) 1
25 Throw Ins 20

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