Premier League
29 November 2017
Game week
0 - 1
1 - 2


0 - 1
37' C. Wood (G)
0 - 2
65' R. Brady (G) (assist by: J. Guðmunds­son)
J. King (G) 79'
1 - 2


Minute   Description
It's the first goals conceded by the Cherries in four tonight, though they remain in 14th - whilst Liverpool's win at Stoke denies the Clarets the chance to sit in fifth this evening as they settle for sixth. Bournemouth next tangle with Southampton on Sunday - whilst Burnley have a speedy turnaround to face Leicester on Saturday, hoping to make it two away wins on the bounce. Until then, thank you for joining us - and have a good week!
It's a return to winning ways for Burnley with a well-deserved win on the south coast - but a late, scrappy goal for Bounremouth made them sweat on the outcome. Sean Dyche's men controlled their lesser time on the ball better than their opponents who failed to recapture the spark of recent weeks; Eddie Howe will be left to rue a slew of missed chances to press forward in the early and late stages. Full time at the Vitality Stadium, it finishes Bournemouth 1-2 Burnley.
90'+6 Begovic sends it deep from the free-kick - and no-one can reach it as it races dead down the left flank. Pope returns it with his own goal-kick into midfiield and the referee blows for full time!
90'+5 Sam Vokes gets a booking now as he is caught offside and opts to continue playing the ball to eat up time. Free-kick to be taken by Begovic now, deep in his own half - this is truly the last chance saloon for Bournemouth to rescue a point.
90'+4 Another Bunrley free-kick, albeit deep in their own half now as Barnes goes down under the challenge of Surman again. Pope takes his time with the effort and the clock winds down some more.
90'+3 The Clarets are in no hurry to take both their free-kick and throw, and eventually Bournemouth get the ball back through Ake.
90'+2 Brady tries to claim a foul deep in Bournemouth territory off Francies and is waved away - only for Barnes to then earn Burnely a free-kick off the same Cherries man for an ankle tap.
90' Five added minutes are on the way as a half-hearted cry for a Bournemouth penalty goes up after Wilson tumbles under the challenge of Tarkowski.
89' The final change for Bunrley - Chris Wood is off and Sam Vokes is on.
87' Great keeping from Pope, who collects Defoe's header as Wilson looks to follow up on the back of another Fraser cross into the box. It's all set up for a nervy final few minutes on the South Coast.
86' Burnley's second change now, as Jeff Hendrick is replaced by Ashley Barnes.
84' Francis earns a free-kick now after being shoulder-checked by Brady out by the right corner flag. He swings it into the box and Defoe gets the first touch, steering it well above the net and out of play.
83' Lewis Cook and Daniels try to push a way through on the left and the former eventually opts to loft a shot over the defence himself. Pope leaps up to claim before it can dip back down and takes a few more seconds than needed to place his goal-kick.
81' That's the sort of impact Eddie Howe wanted from his substitutes - two were involved in the making of that score. Francis tries now, from out on the right edge, and it's a decent effort from the winger too, skimming just wide on the right. The Cherries are pushing up en masse.
79' Out of nowhere, Bournemouth pull one back! It's a scrappy goal - Fraser lofts a cross in from the right to Defoe at the near side, and the substitute haphazardly mashes it across the face of the box, to King who bundles it in with a flying touch. Far from neat - but do we have a comeback on at the South Coast?
77' King concedes a free-kick now as he puts an accidental elbow into Cork's face whilst trying to weave through the Burnley defence.
75' No chances being taken by Burnley - Defour is off, with a little hobble, and Ashley Westwood comes on in his place.
74' A pause in play now as Defour recieves treatment following an awkward landing after Defoe brushed off his attempted tackle.
73' Lewis Cook is dragged down by Brade on the right edge and Bournemouth get a free-kick; but once more, they are foiled by Mee sweeping in to collect the soft delivery in towards the Burnley box.
71' The Cherries have around twenty minutes to salvage something here at the Vitality Stadium. Fraser, Defoe and Lewis Cook all make an instant impression, combining for a lovely piece of interplay around the Burnley box as the look to slip in beyond Mee - then the former botches a collection and Ward spirits it away.
69' Bournemouth make their final change; Jordon Ibe exits, to be replaced by Ryan Fraser.
67' That wa a brilliant, well-worked goal from the visitors - and Brady's finish was bordering on obscene. They go close again quickly - Cork snaps forward out of midfield to meet Wood's back-pass and the midfielder just fires it wide to the left from 20 yards out.
65' What a finish from Brady! Gudmundsson breaks on the counter down the right wing, carves back inside and crossed for Wood, only for his pass across the edge of the box to miss the striker. It falls instead to the winger, who steps twice inside and - off his weaker right foot - fires a fabulous shot into the top right corner that Begovic can't reach. Burnely well in control now.
Assist Johann Berg Guðmunds­son
64' Now Pugh becomes the second change of tne night - much to his displeasure - as Jermain Defoe is introduced to try and spark this Cherries side into life.
63' Pugh and Daniels get into a tussle with Bardsley on the touchline, with a free-kick eventually won by the hosts on halfway after the Burnley man clips both to the ground.
61' It's a second corner after Ibe sees his effort forced out by Bardsley - and this time Francis gets his head to it a the far post, just pushing it wide on the right.
60' Defour puts a clumsy challenge on Wilson that gifts Bounremouth a free-kick 30 yards out. Ake is the man who gets his head to the ball in the box and a deflection goes out wide - corner to the hosts.
58' It's the first change of the night - Harry Arter is replaced by Lewis Cook for the hosts.
56' Hendrick hares after a long ball floated by Bardsley deep into Burnley territory; Ake does just enough to muscle him out and guide it back to Begovic.
54' Hendrick is in the right place to capitalise off a sloppy Bournemouth error in defence between Ake and Daniels, racing after the ball as it trckles back towards the hosts' box - only for him to lean into the former as they compete and concede the free-kick.
53' They may be trailing, but Bournemouth have had more of the ball in this game - 55 percent to Burnley's 45 percent.
52' Wilson rustles another ball up on the right wing and swings it into the box for King; Mee puts himself in the right place to clear it out wide and to the far side of the posts where Tarkowski can clear.
50' Ibe gets a sniff of a chance on the back of a Ward miscalculation in defence, only for his finish to be soft, heading straight to Pope.
48' It's the hosts who are fastest out of the blocks, with King seeing a shot take a deflection in the Bunrley box off Mee that falls back to Defour, allowing him to ferry the ball away from danger.
46' We're back underway at the Vitality Stadium. Can Bournemouth get themselves back onto equal footing in this game or will Burnley pull away in the second half?
It's an evenly-poised match on the South Coast but it would be churlish to say Burnley are not good for their lead. The Clarets look the sharper of the two and their goal, poked in off a deflection by Chris Wood, is a just reward for their performance. Bournemouth aren't out of it yet - but they'll have to find another gear to compete with their opponents. Half-time, it's Bounremouth 0-1 Burnley.
45'+1 Pugh lumps a cross in from the left as the clock ticks over the additional minute given, and Tarkowski blasts it out into the crowd, prompting the referee to blow for half-time.
45' Surman plays it in and sees his effort from the corner knocked back into open play. Arter tries to drill it through the huddle in the box, only for Wood to come up with possession on the back of a deflection. One added minute on the way.
44' Ibe fancies a shot from 20 yars out on the right after Bournemouth press up in attack and it takes a big deflection off Ward out for a corner.
42' Wilson lurches deep onto a long ball from Surman and wrestles with Mee for control as he skirts into the box; Pope dives in to collect before either can claim in earnest.
41' Pugh deals with the short-play corner from Brady and is able to dig it back to midfield after King is penalised for a free-kick that Burnley fail to make anything of. Bournemouth look a bit at sea right now - they'll be keen to hold on without conceding again before the break.
40' Bournemouth's defence does its job but Arter's attempted clearance spills it back to the kick-taker who plays it wide for Wood. His cross goes looking for Hendrick - and Daniels heads out for a corner.
39' That goal is no more than Burnley deserve who have been the better of the two sides. They get a chance to make it too quite quickly - Brady is fouled 20 yards out, centre of the field, and will try to put his free-kick over the wall.
37' Wood breaks the deadlock! Cork holds the ball deep from midfield and opts to play wide and left to Brady, who then zig-zags back on himself into the box and goes for the bottom right corner. It takes a deflection off Cook - straight into the path of Wood on the right who toe-pokes it behind Ake and Begovic to bury it in the net. Burnley lead 1-0.
36' Pugh looks to play long down the left for Daniels, racing towards the Burnley box, only for Bardsley to pull off a sharp turn in defence and clip the ball out and away.
34' Francis plays the corner short and a frantic passage of play follows as King, Arter and Wilson all see shots and crosses ricochet off the Bunrley defence holding firm at the edge of the box. Bardsley eventually sweeps it out for a throw and the visitors reset their lines.
32' Now Mee is penalised for holding onto Wilson, the former practically clinging to the latter's torso like a limpet. Free-kick to Bournemouth - and then a corner as Cook pushes the defender into making the clearance at the back out behind him.
30' Ibe and Francis look to find a way into the Burnley box, only for Brady to nip in between them and knock the ball away. He chases - and is fouled by King in a tussle for possession. Free-kick to the Clarets.
28' Begovic is shoved at the corner and the referee awards a free-kick. Downfield, Arter takes the ball and chances his own luck from just outside the box on the left in a poor effort that heads straight to Pope.
27' Wood breaks loose down the left flank as Steve Cook slips out of place in the back four and Burnley's record signing canters into the box. He crosses wide to Hendrick who has the better angle to shoot - and Cook races back to put his body in the way and slide it out for a corner. Great recovery from the Cherries man to atone for that mistake.
25' That being said - as Arter pushes forward with Surman and King to harry Mee and Ward - Bournemouth are definitely playing a strong counter-attack game so far. Defour manages to push out Pugh on the wing and the latter gives away a Burnley throw.
23' The hosts are creating their chances but the sense of threat is nearly all Burnley so far, it must be said. When they get close to the Bournemouth box - usually through a corner or a long ball to Wood - Ake is the only man in the Cherries' back four who seems to react quick enough. The Clarets are encroaching on territory far too easily.
21' What a beauty of a pass that was! Ibe picks out Wilson perfectly with a curled cross into the box and the striker tries to cross back to the left edge, only for his effort to skew wide and fall to Bardsley.
20' Francis doubles back on the right wing out of the Burnley box to play a cross back in for Wilson, who puts his header wide at the near post.
19' Gudmundsson plays long into the box, beating Hendrick, and Begovic has no difficulty collecting.
18' Free-kick on halfway to Burnley out wide on the right as Wood goes down - rather easily - from a soft Ake touch on the back.
17' The corner is well dealt with by Begovic, who rises above Wood to claim cleanly and calmly.
16' Close for Wood! Bardsley picks up a loose Arter pass on the right, 25 yards out, and floats it in for Brady. It's the forward who gets there first - and his header tests Begovic, who pops it over the crossbar with fingertips. Corner to Burnley.
15' Steve Cook deals well with a fine Gudnundsson cross lofted in looking for Wood or Hendrick, but his effort to clear the area only finds Cork and Brady in midfield.
13' Defour plays across midfield looking for Cork, who tries to slip a pass downfield to Wood on the right, who is then pipped of possession by a tenacious Ake, much to his frustration. The Bournemouth captain is getting around already tonight.
11' It's a frantic fast start to this game and the hosts seem to be bringing themselves into it now, as Pugh and Wilson exchange crosses into the Burnley box looking for King. Pope has only conceded four times this season from open play however; it will take some neat play to get past him.
9' Ward shifts a pass into the Bournemouth box from the left for Wood, only for Ake to collect - who then sparks a counter-attack that runs the gamut of the field and ends with Ibe pushing a flat shot from just inside from the right edge ten yards out to Pope.
7' Now a chance for the Cherries - Mee slips up at the back allowing Wilson to dart in nd nip through the backline. The Burnley man manages to recover and atones for his mistake with a great slide that puts the ball just out of Wilson's reach as he goes to shoot and Pope recovers.
5' Close for Brady! The midfielder darts off on a jagged little run that allows him to cut into the box on the left edge; his shot is squeezed out and he hits the side netting.
4' Hendrick shoots off down the left, thanks to a long ball from Wood, only for his cross into the box to beat everyone and skip away to the far flank for Daniels.
3' Off the crossbar! Whipped in from the left, Burnley find Mee on the far side of the box who flicks back in to Wood - and the former Leeds man sees his header bounce off the overhead and out behind. Early pressure on the Cherries - they don't look good under the high ball.
2' Back-to-back corners for Burnley now as first Ake and then Surman put the ball out in defence. From the second, Tarkowski goes close on the left and Francis manages to get a glance to knock it out for another corner.
1' Teams are out on the pitch - and we're underway at the Vitality Stadium! Cork hefts a long ball looking for Wood within the first few plays and Ake cuts across to knock it out for a throw with a haphazard flying kick.
Subs: Barnes, Vokes, Arfield, Long, Lindegaard, Westwood, Taylor
BURNLEY (4-4-1-1): Pope, Tarkowski, Mee, Bardsley, Ward, Brady, Gudmundsson, Defour, Cork, Hendrick, Wood
Subs: Fraser, Afobe, Boruc, Smith, L Cook, Gosling, Defoe
AFC BOURNEMOUTH (4-4-1-1): Begovic, S Cook, Francis, Ake, Daniels, Surman, Ibe, Arter, Pugh, Wilson, King
Team news in now...
Bournemouth are yet to beat a side starting the day inside the top seven of the Premier League this year; their last such result was a win against Liverpool in December. Since then, they’ve drawn three and lost eight – including all three games this season. Conversely, the Cherries have kept three clean sheets in a row after their draw at Swansea at the weekend, their best ever record in the Premier League.
It’s a tough ask for the Lancastrian outfit tonight against an in-form Bournemouth outfit judging by history; they’ve only won once on their last six visits to the South Coast. They have seen an upturn in their travelling skills this season though, which has helped them to seventh in the table – with a 50% win rate across their last eight such games. Dependent on results today, a victory could haul them into European qualification spots – a massive boost as they head into December.
The hosts come into tonight’s game in the ascendency, with seven points from the last three games hauling away from the relegation zone; but a loss to Arsenal at the weekend remains their opponents’ only recent blip too. Burnley’s record of 11 points away from Turf Moor this season is also a vast improvement; they are already four ahead of their total haul in the 2016-17 campaign.
Hello, and welcome to live coverage of the 2017-18 Premier League, as Bournemouth and Burnley look to finish off November and head into winter with a win at the Vitality Stadium. Can the Cherries pick up their first back-to-back wins over the Clarets since 1998? Or will Sean Dyche’s men keep up their impressive on-the-road form against Eddie Howe’s side? Kick-off is just around the corner.


S. Francis
S. Cook
J. Cork
N. Aké
J. Tarkowski
B. Mee
A. Surman
M. Pugh
H. Arter
C. Daniels
C. Wood
R. Brady
J. Hendrick
C. Wilson
S. Defour
J. Guðmunds­son
J. King
S. Ward
P. Bardsley
A. Begović
N. Pope
J. Ibe


Additional info

R. East
M. Perry
Fourth official
S. Hooper


Match Stats

AFC Bournemouth Burnley
45 Attacks (Dangerous) 32
4 Corners 6
9 Fouls 11
12 Free Kicks 9
5 Goal Kicks 9
0 Offsides 1
3 Shots (blocked) 2
5 Shots (off target) 2
0 Shots (on target) 2
0 Shots (woodwork) 1
28 Throw Ins 21

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Vitality Stadium

Vitality Stadium 
Bournemouth, Dorset