Premier League
5 November 2017
Game week
1 - 0
3 - 1
Etihad Stadium (Manchester)


K. De Bruyne (G) 19' (assist by: Fernandinho)
1 - 0
S. Agüero (PG) 50'
2 - 0
2 - 1
65' A. Lacazette (G) (assist by: A. Ramsey)
Gabriel Jesus (G) 74' (assist by: David Silva)
3 - 1


Minute   Description
The referee blows his whistle for the final time and a huge roar erupts around the stadium. City were given a few problems by Arsenal midway through the second half but, overall, were comfortably on top from start to finish. They dazzled inside the final third of the pitch and always looked dangerous on the counter-attack, and, as a result, they're able to head into the international break with three more points under their belts.
90'+3 Lucky let off for Ozil! The German really isn't happy with how today has gone for him and his side. Just two minutes after being booked, he charges into Delph and pushes the left-back to the floor, giving the referee something to think about. Luckily for him, another yellow card doesn't come his way.
90'+1 Arsenal concede another free-kick over on the right wing as they try to hold up the ball deep down in the corner. Ozil isn't happy with the decision, and he ends up receiving a late booking for blasting the ball away in anger.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
89' Fernandinho charges through the middle of the pitch and easily manages to get the better of two Arsenal players. He then tries to set up Jesus over on the right flank, but he's clattered into by Kolasinac before he can do so and wins a free-kick instead.
87' City have made their final substitution of the afternoon, with Bernardo Silva coming on to take the place of Sane.
86' De Bruyne breaks into the right-hand side of the Arsenal box as he manages to latch onto a clever pass forward, but he's well beaten by Monreal and then ends up bringing down the defender on the byline, resulting in a free-kick to the visitors.
84' It's all City at the moment as they comfortably hold onto the ball inside the Arsenal half of the pitch. Belief seems to have deserted the visitors, who are failing to put much pressure on their opponents as they patiently knock the ball around from side to side.
82' Almost a great chance on goal for Sane! Space opens up for De Bruyne as the Belgian darts down the right flank. He has Sane all alone in the middle of the pitch and tries to pick him out with a cross-field pass, but Kolasinac is just about able to stick out a foot to stop him from doing so.
80' Walker charges down the right wing on a marauding run before trying to pick out a team-mate with a thumping cross into the Arsenal penalty area. It's totally overhit though, and the ball ends up sailing out of play for a throw-in on the opposite flank.
78' City, meanwhile, have brought off Sterling to be replaced by Ilkay Gundogan.
And the second is Jack Wilshere, with Iwobi making way.
Arsenal have decided to make a double substitution as they try to find a way back into the game. The first player to come on is Olivier Giroud, who replaces Xhaka.
77' An Arsenal attack breaks down and allows City to counter-attack quickly. Silva isn't able to get too far forward, however, as Sanchez dives in from behind and catches the Spaniard with a late challenge that earns him a yellow card.
75' Xhaka is absolutely furious about the linesman's decision, and he ends up receiving a booking for dissent after making his point to the referee.
74' Silva did really well to evade everyone inside the visitors' box before putting the ball on a plate for Jesus, but it certainly did look as if he was slightly offside. It was a tight call, mind, but it's one that Arsenal are certain the linesman got wrong.
GOAL! It's a third for City! Silva darts into the right-hand side of the Arsenal penalty area and isn't picked up by a single black shirt, allowing him to receive the ball all alone on the byline. He then squares a simple pass over to Jesus, who easily beats Cech from close range. The Arsenal players look totally stunned, as they were certain Silva was offside!
73' Sane drifts out wide and manages to pick up the ball deep down the left flank, but he can't quite pick out a team-mate inside the Arsenal box and the visitors hold on once again. The referee then goes back and books Otamendi for an earlier foul on Lacazette.
71' Kolasinac picks up the ball over on the left wing as Arsenal push forward on a determined attacking move. He then fires a low cross into the penalty area that Sanchez decides leaves for a team-mate. The only problem is that there isn't a single black shirt there to meet the ball, and it can only find the hands of Ederson.
69' Fantastic save by Cech! The resulting corner somehow bounces through a sea of players and over to Jesus, who looks set to re-establish City's two-goal lead only for his rocket of a shot to be stopped by Cech.
68' Vital block by Bellerin! The free-kick is sent over to the right wing and picks out Sterling in a good position. He chips a clever cross over to the far post and into the path of Sane, who quickly shoots but can't get the better of Bellerin with his thumping strike.
67' De Bruyne tries to hit Arsenal on a quick counter-attack after the Arsenal corner is dealt with, but Koscielny ends up bringing him down from behind with a poorly timed, and very cynical, sliding challenge.
66' Arsenal immediately push forward once again after winning the ball back from the restart, and Bellerin wins a corner over on the right flank after his low cross is closed down well by Stones. Ozil's cross is curled towards the near post but fails to find Kolasinac, who instead loses out to Fernandinho.
65' That was good play by Ramsey, who has looked much better since the break. City have certainly left some pockets of space open to their opponents, and that goal always looked as if it was coming.
GOAL! Arsenal have pulled one back! Ramsey is left in a pocket of space after getting the better of Fernandinho and is able to charge forward. He then plays a deft ball out to his right, where Lacazette fires a great strike through Ederson's legs and into the back of the net. Game on!
64' A clever pass from Sanchez penetrates the left-hand side of the City box and picks out Granit Xhaka in a promising position. The midfielder is just about able to latch onto the ball but loses out to Walker before he can do anything with it.
62' Aguero receives a rousing round of applause from the home fans as he's replaced by Gabriel Jesus.
61' Aguero and Sterling link up well midway inside the Arsenal half of the pitch before the Argentine tries to set up his team-mate with another good pass forward, but Sterling's run towards the box is mistimed and the linesman's flag is quickly raised.
59' Lacazette pokes a deft pass into the hosts' penalty area and towards Ramsey, but Ederson rushes out to successfully deal with the danger. City then try to hit their opponents on a counter-attack, but a poor challenge from Lacazette on Silva earns him a yellow card and results in a free-kick for the home side.
58' Stones embarks on a marauding run deep into the Arsenal half of the pitch and does well to skip past two black shirts. He then finds himself in a bit of a cul-de-sac out wide, and Kolasinac is eventually able to poke the ball away from the centre-back.
56' Arsenal have decided to make an attacking substitution as they try to find a way back into the game. Alexandre Lacazette has come on to replace Coquelin, meaning that they're going to switch to a back four for the remainder of the afternoon.
55' Almost a costly mistake by Ederson! Iwobi cuts inside from the left flank and unleashes a shot that should be easily dealt with by Ederson, but the Brazilian ends up fumbling the ball. He's just about able to collect it before Ramsey can get a shot away from a few yards out, and he's then barged into the back of the net by the Welshman. Unsurprisingly, City are awarded a free-kick.
54' Aguero and Silva link up nicely over on the left flank as they easily get the better of Koscielny. The Spaniard then whips a great cross into the box and towards Sterling, who darts towards the ball but can't quite reach it.
52' Arsenal patiently pass the ball around deep inside the City half of the pitch as they try to find a way through the sea of blue shirts camped in front of them. Ozil eventually tries to poke a pass into the box, but it's poorly hit and fails to pick out a team-mate in front of goal.
50' GOAL! Aguero steps up and fires in City's second goal of the game. He sends Cech the wrong way and side-foots a shot into the back of the net via the inside of the post.
49' PENALTY! A lofted pass is fired over the top of the Arsenal defence and towards Sterling. The forward gets the better of Kolasinac and darts towards goal, where Monreal clumsily brings down the Englishman and leaves the referee with no choice but to point to the spot.
48' Sanchez looks as if he's away after being able to pick up a loose ball just inside the City half of the pitch, but Ozil is penalised for a foul on Delph and the Chilean is denied the chance to break towards the hosts' penalty area.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
So far, so good for City, who have bossed possession and caused Arsenal plenty of problems whenever they push forward. They arguably could have scored at least a couple more goals, but a few misplaced passes inside the final third of the pitch have denied them the opportunity to increase their lead. The Gunners won't be feeling too disappointed with how things have gone so far, however, as they too have enjoyed a few decent moments on the break, with Ramsey going close to equalising just before half-time.
45'+1 Great save by Ederson! Sanchez battles with Stones on the edge of the City box and manages to get the better of the defender. He then spins and sets up Aaron Ramsey, who quickly shoots but can't beat Ederson with a thumping strike at the near post. That was Arsenal's best chance of the first half!
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
43' Arsenal keep pushing forward as they enjoy a decent spell of possession deep inside the City half of the pitch. After failing to whip a cross into the box, Iwobi eventually tries to muscle his way inside, but he can't get the better of Otamendi and loses out to the centre-back.
41' Sanchez breaks down the left wing before trying to poke a pass into the hosts' penalty area, but he's well dealt with by Stones and has to settle for a corner. It's poorly hit by the Chilean, and once again City are able to counter-attack. It's quickly brought to an end by Coquelin, however, as he brilliantly dispossesses Sane from behind.
39' A decent pass across the edge of the City box looks as if it's going to set up Sanchez to spin and shoot, but the Chilean is quickly closed down and loses out before giving away a free-kick with a slightly mistimed challenge as he battles for possession.
37' So close to City's second goal! Walker is left all alone over on the right-hand side of the Arsenal penalty area, allowing the full-back to whip a great ball into the box. It looks set to find Aguero, but a combination of Koscielny and Cech means the Argentine can't quite get a shot away.
35' Terrible pass by Sterling! So much space becomes available to Sterling after Arsenal lose the ball inside the City half of the pitch. He flies down the right wing and then tries to tee up Sane in front of goal, but, somehow, he ends up completely missing the forward with what should have been a simple ball into the box.
33' Lovely pass by Silva! No Arsenal defenders pick up the Spaniard as he darts into the left-hand side of the box and picks up the ball on the byline. He then squares a beautiful pass across the face of goal, but, annoyingly for him, there's nobody there to meet it.
32' Francis Coquelin initially looks like he might be in a spot of bother after receiving the ball deep inside the Arsenal half of the pitch and being put under plenty of pressure, but he's just about able to fire the ball out for a throw-in before the home side can win back possession.
30' Silva receives the ball in a promising position over on the left wing and quickly tries to set up Sane on the edge of the Arsenal penalty area, but his pass down the flank is overhit and rolls out for a goal-kick before it can find the German.
28' Sterling is picked out over on the right-hand side of the Arsenal box after getting the better of Nacho Monreal. He then tries to set up Aguero with a curled cross, but Monreal sticks out a foot to deflect the ball behind for a corner that fails to result in a chance on goal.
27' Sanchez loses out on the edge of the hosts' penalty area, allowing De Bruyne to counter-attack quickly. He charges down the right wing and then tries to pick out Sane with a lofted cross-field pass, but Bellerin is there to get a head on the ball ahead of the German to nod it out for a throw-in.
25' Almost a chance for Ozil! Space opens up for Sanchez in the middle of the pitch, allowing him to poke a clever pass through the City back line and into the box. Ozil runs onto the ball, but Ederson does well to rush out and deal with the danger.
23' City keep putting all sorts of pressure on Arsenal as they try to double their lead. De Bruyne wins a corner over on the left flank that's fired into a dangerous part of the penalty area, but the visitors are just about able to deal with the danger before a poor pass from Walker sails out for a throw-in.
21' Sane and Fabian Delph link up really nicely deep down the left flank before Aguero receives the ball inside the Arsenal penalty area. The Argentine tries his best to spin and shoot but can't find a way past Koscielny, which forces him out wide and away from goal.
19' That was good play by Fernandinho to set up De Bruyne just outside of the visitors' box, but Arsenal should have done much better defensively. They didn't close him down quickly enough, while Laurent Koscielny let the ball roll through his legs on its way towards goal.
GOAL! City have taken the lead! Just moments after a great shot from De Bruyne is saved by Petr Cech, the hosts come forward once again. The Belgian plays a quick one-two with Fernandinho before shooting from 20 yards out, and this time his low strike beats the outstretched limbs of Cech at the far post.
17' City comfortably boss possession as they try to find an opening deep inside the Arsenal half of the pitch. Sterling is eventually able to take on Kolasinac after latching onto a lofted pass from Fernandinho, but he can't get the better of the Bosnian and loses out on the byline.
15' Arsenal knock the ball around nicely just outside of the City penalty area before Ozil tries to poke a deft pass into the path of Iwobi, but Walker is there to close down the Nigeria international and deny him the opportunity to pick up the ball inside the box.
13' Sanchez is dispossessed on the halfway line and City push forward on another determined attacking move. David Silva picks up the ball in a good position and quickly lifts a lofted pass over to De Bruyne, but it's slightly overhit by the Spaniard and misses the Belgian by a yard or two.
11' What a miss by Sterling! Aguero picks up the ball just outside of the Arsenal penalty area and immediately sets up Sane with a beautiful ball into the left-hand side of the box. The German cuts inside and squares a great pass across the face of goal, where Sterling tries to knock the ball into the back of the net from close range but somehow can't make contact under pressure from Kolasinac.
10' Arsenal are enjoying a decent spell of possession at the moment, and they're putting City under some real pressure. This time it's Fernandinho who clumsily loses the ball and allows the visitors to counter-attack quickly, but Ozil's strike from the right-hand side of the box is poorly hit and fails to trouble Ederson Moraes.
9' John Stones dives into Sanchez and catches the forward with a mistimed challenge, leaving the referee with no choice but to award Arsenal another free-kick in a dangerous part of the pitch. Sanchez decides to shoot from the set-piece, but his low effort is poor and bounces comfortably wide of the far post.
8' Ozil's cross from the corner is a good one but City are just about able to deal with the danger. Bellerin then tries to dart into the right-hand side of the box, but he's well marshalled by Leroy Sane and can't find a way past the young German.
7' A lovely pass from Hector Bellerin penetrates the City penalty area and looks set to find Mesut Ozil, but the German can't quite reach the ball and Arsenal win themselves a corner instead. It's curled towards the near post and only cleared as far as Kolasinac, who unleashes another cross that's deflected behind for a second corner.
5' Sanchez is bundled over on the left wing, resulting in a free-kick for Arsenal in a promising position. The Chilean whips a cross into the box that's only half dealt with by Nicolas Otamendi, allowing Alex Iwobi to unleash a thumping volley that sails high over the top of the crossbar.
4' City push forward once again as they try to carve out another early chance on goal, but a lofted cross-field pass fails to pick out Sterling deep down the right flank and instead sails behind for a goal-kick.
2' Fantastic chance for Sergio Aguero to open the scoring! Once the corner is dealt with, City break forward on a blisteringly quick counter-attack. Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne link up really well before the Belgian sets up Aguero inside the box, but the striker can't quite hit the target with his thumping shot and sends his effort flying into the side-netting.
1' Good early play from Sead Kolasinac sees the Bosnian dart down the left flank before winning a corner off Kyle Walker. Alexis Sanchez steps up and curls a cross towards the near post, but it's poorly hit by the Chilean and is easily dealt with by Fernandinho.
We're off! City get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off. The atmosphere inside the stadium is electric, with both sets of fans in fine voice.
Meanwhile, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has also made two alterations to the team that featured in their last league outing, with Per Mertesacker and Alexandre Lacazette making way for Francis Coquelin and Alex Iwobi as they switch to a four-man defence for the first time this season.
Pep Guardiola has decided to make two changes to the City side that started the win away to West Bromwich Albion last weekend, with Raheem Sterling and Sergio Aguero coming into the starting line-up to replace Bernardo Silva and Gabriel Jesus, respectively.
Arsenal substitutes: Macey, Debuchy, Elneny, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud, Lacazette.
Arsenal XI (4-2-3-1): Cech; Bellerin, Koscielny, Monreal, Kolasinac; Xhaka, Coquelin; Ramsey, Ozil, Iwobi; Sanchez.
Manchester City substitutes: Bravo, Mangala, Danilo, Toure, Gundogan, Bernardo Silva, Jesus.
Manchester City XI (4-3-3): Ederson; Walker, Stones, Otamendi, Delph; De Bruyne, Fernandinho, David Silva; Sterling, Aguero, Sane.
There’s just under 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this afternoon…
Unsurprisingly, recent games between these two sides have been thrilling affairs, with fans being treated to plenty of goals on each occasion. City were victorious in the last meeting here in December 2016 but have only won one of the previous 10 meetings between the teams, with Arsenal most recently getting the better of the Sky Blues in the semi-final of the FA Cup back in April.
Arsenal comfortably fired five goals past Everton two weeks ago before going on to squeeze past Swansea City last time out, meaning they start the day looking to pick up a third consecutive league win for the first time this season. A positive result today is desperately needed, as this afternoon’s clash starts a difficult run for the Gunners. They’ll need to be at their best if they’re to keep putting pressure on the top four heading into Christmas.
They might not be at their best at the moment but Arsenal have looked revitalised in recent weeks. Bar a disappointing defeat against Watford midway through October, it’s been a relatively good month or so for the Gunners, who head to the Etihad unbeaten in their last five games across all competitions after booking their place in the knockout stage of the Europa League on Thursday.
City have been devastatingly effective in front of goal, resulting in them already netting 35 times in just 10 games. United, the division’s second-highest goalscorers, have managed only 23, showing just how well Guardiola has got his side playing. While it’s still too early to talk about league winners, yet another victory today would further cement themselves as firm favourites to lift the title.
Can anyone stop City? A record of 28 points from a possible 30 (a record that has been matched twice before but never with a goal difference as frighteningly good as theirs) means Pep Guardiola’s men head into this afternoon’s clash with a five-point gap already separating themselves and rivals Manchester United. It’s one that could turn into a chasm if they win today and the Red Devils slip up against Chelsea.
Good afternoon and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Premier League game between Manchester City and Arsenal at the Etihad.


K. Walker
J. Stones
L. Koscielny
A. Sánchez
R. Sterling
A. Ramsey
S. Agüero
M. Özil
A. Iwobi
K. De Bruyne
F. Delph
Nacho Monreal
L. Sané
David Silva
G. Xhaka
N. Otamendi
S. Kolašinac
Ederson Moraes
P. Čech
F. Coquelin

Additional info

M. Oliver
S. Bennett
S. Burt
Fourth official
A. Marriner


Match Stats

Manchester City Arsenal
57 Attacks (Dangerous) 43
5 Corners 5
15 Fouls 14
17 Free Kicks 18
3 Goal Kicks 7
3 Offsides 3
1 Shots (blocked) 0
4 Shots (off target) 3
2 Shots (on target) 1
0 Shots (woodwork) 0
16 Throw Ins 27

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