3 - 2

Premier League
5 November 2017
Game week
0 - 0
3 - 2
Goodison Park (Liverpool)


0 - 1
46' Richarlison (G) (assist by: A. Gray)
0 - 2
64' C. Kabasele (G) (assist by: J. Holebas)
O. Niasse (G) 67' (assist by: A. Lookman)
1 - 2
D. Calvert-Lewin (G) 74' (assist by: L. Baines)
2 - 2
L. Baines (PG) 90'+1
3 - 2


Minute   Description
Has David Unsworth done enough to land himself the full-time position of manager at Goodison Park tonight? Based on tonight's showing and the delighted response of Bill Kenwright, it wouldn't be the most unexpected appointment. That win takes Everton up to 15th ahead of Crystal Palace in a fortnight, hauling them finally out of the bottom three. As for Watford, tonight's loss keeps them in ninth; they too have a fortnight off during the international break now, with a trip to fellow strugglers West Ham on the agenda. Until then though, thank you for joining us - and have a good week!
Wow. Just wow. What a textbook example of a game of two halves. The first forty-five at Goodison Park was a scrappy, low quality affair - and after sixty-five minutes, the hosts looked to be buried after two Watford goals. But with three inspired changes from David Unsworth in Lookman, Calvert-Lewin and Lennon, the Toffees staged the most remarkable of comebacks - and rode their luck at the death too with Tom Cleverley missing a penalty in the final minutes. Full time on Merseyside, it finishes Everton 3-2 Watford.
90'+14 Lookman taps out - and the referee blows for full-time! Everton have completed an extraordinary comeback in the most dramatic of second-halves at Goodison Park! What a finale on Merseyside - and a stunning win for David Unsworth. The Toffees take three points for the first time under their caretaker as they head into the international break.
90'+13 Niasse suddenly gets a loose through-ball and tears into the box again, with Holebas forced to stick a leg out to send it out for a corner. They won't play this one into the box for sure.
90'+12 A last chance for Watford as Doucoure flicks on into the box and Pickford sweeps in to save.
90'+11 Cleverley misses! Absolutely incredible! The former Toffees man has an absolute nightmare, as he pushes it very far and wide to the left, leaving Pickford untroubled. Sensational scenes at Goodison Park.
90'+10 Penalty to Watford! Richarlison sees a shot blocked by Pickford as he tries to twist it round the keeper, is tripped. Cleverley to take...
90'+9 A great save by Pickford who picks up Femenia's cross with a searing leap on the edge of the box.
90'+8 Mariappa tries to find a way through with passes around the midfield for Watford, only to be frustrated by smart defence from Calvert-Lewin.
90'+7 Britos and Lennon chase a ball into the Watford back-left corner and a little nudge from the Everton man sees a dive from the Hornets defender. Free-kick to Watford deep in their own half.
90'+5 Everton are believing now. This has been a wonderful turnaround for the Toffees, a turnaround ignited by his three substitutes, each of whom have been integral to their three goals. What a comeback this is - but can they hold on?
90'+4 Watford make another change, with Will Hughes replaced Stefano Okaka. Marco Silva can barely believe what has transpired over the past half-hour.
90'+1 Baines scores! It's a cool, composed strike that is read well by Karnezis to the bottom-left corner, but the Everton man buries it with precision and power. The Toffees, against all odds, are ahead with ten minutes to go.
90' Extraordinary drama! Holebas and Lennon challenge for the ball and the former brings the latter down in the box - it's a penalty! Baines to take as the Watford man rages and gets a booking for his troubles. What a gamechanger this could be. There will be twelve - yes, twelve - minutes of added time too.
89' Mariappa makes a wonderful leap over Jagielka as he reaches for the ball, but he can't steer his header straight enough and sees it skew wide to the left.
88' Watford get a corner on the left off Kenny as he puts himself in front of a Holebas cross.
86' Britos and Femenia clear from Calvert-Lewin and Lookman respectively as the Everton men push down the left flank, searching for a winner.
85' David Unsworth is pushing for more than a point, as he brings Sigurdsson off and Aaron Lennon on.
84' Kelly is forced by Doucoure to take evasive action in midfield and pushes the ball out for a throw. It breaks to Calvert-Lewin who gets himself in the way and he plays it down to Niasse on the right, though the goalscorer's attempted cross is steered out by deflection for a throw.
83' Richarlison gets the head to the corner, and steers it wide to the left under pressure from Sigurdsson.
82' Cleverley is deemed to have been fouled by Lookman on halfway and Doucoure plays quick to Holebas. Davies tussles with the Watford man on the left edge of the box, and the Hornets come up with the corner.
81' Cleverley earns a free-kick on the right side for Watford, and opts to play it short for Gray, though Davies reads well and clears downfield.
79' It's Adrian Mariappa who enters the field in lieu of the injured Kabasele. Watford cede to Everton who play it long to allow for a sporting restart.
78' It's not looking good for Kabasele, as the Watford man is loaded onto a stretcher and taken from the pitch. Between him and Gomes earlier, there's going to be quite a bit of injury time.
76' There's another pause in play now, as Kabasele is down in the Everton box, following a clash with Pickford in mid-air challenging for a high ball.
74' Calvert-Lewin with the header! What a comeback by the Toffees! The substitute rises in the melee near the far post to meet Baines' corner and tucks it into the bottom left corner with a deft touch. Out of nowhere, Everton are level. What an inspired change by David Unsworth there.
Assist Leighton Baines
73' Calvert-Lewin drifts a lovely cross in that Niasse knocks back to Kenny, whose shot is deflected by Holebas. Corner now for Everton on their right edge.
72' Jagielka takes a swinging left arm to the face from Gray as the pair challenge for the ball in the Everton half and the Toffees get a free-kick that Pickford blasts downfield.
70' Sigurdsson puts a wonderful free-kick in that Watford manage to knock away via Doucoure, and then Everton's second attempt through Calvert-Lewin is called offside.
69' There's a spark now in the Toffees and they get a dangerous free-kick too as Holebas and Britos foul Lookman. One of them is booked - Britos. Free-kick to be taken by Sigurdsson.
68' Another change for Everton, with Rooney departing after an uninspiring seventy minutes, to be replaced by Dominic Calvert-Lewin.
67' Or is it? Lookman lefts a long ball down the right that Karnezis comes off his line to clear, only for Niasse to tear in between defenders, pick his pocket and run the ball into the net! Everton are right back in the mix, creating something out of nothing.
66' Everton, for a moment, looked faster than they have all game moments ago, but now two goals down, it's a long way back for them now.
64' It's all gone wrong for Everton as Watford double their lead! Holebas turns the corner in from the left, low-hanging, and Kabasele rises above Jagielka to make a deft touch with his head and guide it past Pickford. 2-0 to the visitors.
Assist José Holebas
Great run down the left flank by Gray, who whips it in just ahead of Hughes. The former Derby County man can't quite get there ahead of Jagielka, though he then gifts a corner with a sloppy touch.
63' Rooney clears Holebas' effort out to Davies, though his touch gifts Watford a throw. Holebas puts it to Cleverley, only for the left winger to put it out himself for an Everton throw.
62' Keane gets in the way of a Richarlison cross from the left, intended for Gray, and Watford get a corner to be taken by Holebas.
60' Lookman is already creating chances down the right for the hosts, looking sparky as he foxes Britos and Holebas, though the latter doubles back to force an errant touch out for a goal kick.
59' Indeed, Gomes is escorted by medical staff to applause around Goodison Park, with Orestis Karnezis making his Hornets debut off the bench for the remaining half-hour.
57' A prolonged stoppage now as Gomes recieves treatment. It looks like a nasty head wound, with blood pouring and the keeper looking out of it.
55' Everton make a change now, with Baningime replaced by Ademola Lookman.
54' What a pair of saves from Gomes! Niasse chases a lost cause of a ball into the Watford left-back area, and unexpectedly comes up with the ball. He lofts it into the box for Sigurdsson whose shot goes for the lower left corner, which the Watford keeper tips away. Rooney collects and lofts high for a second attempt header, and once more the keeper clears, though he clashes heads with team-mate Kabasele, the pair clattering to the ground as Niasse races in to try and convert.
52' Femenia is pulled up for a foul throw, rather unusually, and Rooney takes the return one for Everton. Holebas sweeps in to deal though and Watford waltz away with the ball.
51' Jagielka is forced to clip back to Pickford as the Hornets push fast down into Everton's back-right corner. The keeper keeps his cool and blows it downfield for Kenny to seek out.
50' This is a Toffees side being outplayed, outmuscled and outclassed in their own back yard. Holebas goes for a power shot himself on the left and sends it sailing wide of goal, instead of playing flat to Gray in the box, who raises his hands in frustration.
48' Watford had looked the more threatening side in the first half and so it tells. Holebas almost makes it too with a cross, floating it into the box for Carrillo, who tussles in the air with Pickford as the Everton keeper comes up trumps.
46' That's not the way Everton will have wanted to start! The Toffees kick off and move into the Watford half, only for Cleverley to nip in and lob downfield to Carrillo. He slots through to Gray, on the right edge of the box, who plays a flat ball to Richarlison - and the Brazilian tucks it behind Pickford into the bottom-right corner. The Hornets have struck gold; they have the lead at Goodison Park.
Assist Andre Gray
One word; scrappy. Watford have looked the team with more about them, quite clearly, pushing Everton wide and stretching them thin - but other than that sitter of a chance for Leighton Baines, neither have been clear-cut enough in execution. It's not a thriller on Merseyside - but it is still all square. Half-time at Goodison Park, it's Everton 0-0 Watford.
45'+1 Kabasele comes together with Niasse, the Everton man caught in a clumsy challenge again - and Everton will get a free-kick. Rooney swings downfield - and the referee immediately blows for half-time.
45' Kenny lumps long and right to Niasse on halfway - and the Everton man earns a free-kick as he is bodychecked to the ground by Holebas. One added minute.
43' Hughes goes down in the box, and appeals for a penalty - but there is no contact at all on replays between him and Sigurdsson, so Everton play it away to try and get out of their own half.
41' Pickford redeems himself with a neat save though, as Doucoure launches a monster of a right-footer from twenty yards out. The Hornest now stretching Everton to breaking point down the wings - something feels like it's about to give.
40' The Toffees are very lucky there! Baines' free-kick is seen away by Holebas - and downfield, Richarlison beats Jagielka to a high ball, sprinting downfield and into the box. Pickford comes out to block - and the Brazilian sidesteps him, leaving an open goal, only to pull his shot wide into the side netting.
39' Shouts for a handball from Everton as Sigurdsson puts a free-kick into the box that takes a glance off Femenia's arm. The referee waves away protests - but Everton get another free-kick on their left flank with Baines.
37' Holebas and Davies tumble to the ground after a foul by the latter, with the Everton man walking away looking murderous. Free-kick to Watford in their own half.
36' Carrillo lobs a heavy cross into the box from the right that, despite his best efforts, Richarlison has no real chance of connecting with.
35' Everton get a free-kick on the right flank thirty yards out which Sigurdsoon whips in - but Rooney's first touch is not good enough and Kenny fails to follow up before Gomes gets there to clean up the danger.
34' Everton caught offside as they head into the Watford box - Baningime trying to feed Niasse around the defence.
32' Cleverley smartly picks out Hughes who then lobs crossfield for Holebas - but the attempted return is slashed out by a flying Davies boot for a throw-in downfield away from the Toffees box.
30' Femenia manages to fox Rooney and take the ball from him on halfway - but the Everton man doubles back to reclaim the ball on the edge of the box, despite a slip. He plays it long - and Tom Davies gives away a free-kick as he pushes Carrillo off the ball.
28' Down the other end, Hughes feeds Femenia and the latter crosses for Gray - who completely butchers his attempted shot and misses entirely. Everton survive another fast counter from the Hornets.
27' Carrillo makes a neat run down the right flank - but Rooney gets a great slide on him to collect and then sends it downfield to Davies, who canters up on goal and puts his finish well wide and high to the left., leaving Gomes untroubled.
25' Cleverley plays a smart ball to Holebas on the left wing, who squeezes past the Everton defence and looks to cross to Richarlison on the edge of the six-yard box - but Pickford reads the middling effort smartly and collects.
23' A golden chance for Baines! Niasse on the right plays back to the edge of the Watford box to Rooney, who puts a flat pass across to the left-back, with only Gomes to beat - and puts a tame shot with little power that goes straight to the keeper's fingertips. What a sitter that was.
22' Hughes slips a wonderful through ball down the left for Cleverley but his attempted cross in is knocked back by Keane in a smart slide.
21' Britos puts it into the box for Holebas - but his header is tame and goes straight to Pickford.
20' Davies concedes a free-kick and Watford take it fast, sending Gray downfield and allowing him to sidestep an unsuspecting Keane - but his finishing cross to Richarlison is put out for a Hornets throw by Kenny.
19' Femenia gets the throw on halfway, and puts it long through midfield to Britos, who plays down and right to Hughes and then back on to Femenia who races level with the box on the right wing - only for his cross to go awry and run dead shy of the goalposts.
18' Niasse breaks down the centre and plays wide and right to Sigurdsson, only for his attempted cross to beat all except Kabasele.
17' The Hornets take the short corner and play it back ten yards for Cleverley - but his effort to cross is far below par and drifts beyond all to go out for a goal kick.
15' Gueye now concedes a free-kick after a foul on Kabasele in midfield, which Holebas spreads out wide to Hughes, who manages to force a corner after Kenny can't successfully control his attempted pick-up in the tackle.
13' Everton's front three are playing very narrow ahead of their midfield - and so far, it has given Holebas and Femenia the space to fly down the wings. The former now earns a throw on his left wing, which he pops into the box and Kenny clears.
11' Gray attempts to outpace Jagielka as he cuts a swathe down the left flank but the Everton defender manages to play it back to Pickford who leathers it out downfield for a throw.
10' Kenny earns a throw for the Toffees deep in Watford territory - but his effort to Gueye sees the right winger knock it out for a Hornets throw with poor control.
8' Davies makes nice control of a long ball and taps forward to Rooney - but the former England man is caught offside by a taut Watford back four letting him overstep their position.
7' A chance for Everton now as they earn a free-kick on the right edge of the Watford box, after Niasse was leant on by Holebas. They twist it into the box, though Kabasele is alert and clears away.
6' Holebas earns a throw for the Hornets and the visitors try to ferry the ball downfield through the left flank - but Baningime manages to pinch it and shift it away, back to midfield.
5' The Everton keeper is thankfully OK and play resumes with Gueye pumping it downfield for Gomes to start off a Watford move.
4' Femenia slips downfield from the right back position and delivers a cross for Richarlison that is skipped off by Kenny - only for Cleverly to collect on the other side and cross in again. Pickford manages to deal - but lands awkwardly and the game is stopped.
3' Everton press Watford back into their half - and Britos slips on the edge of the box! Doucoure clears to stop Niasse from making yards into the area and Watford brush off the Toffees' attack.
2' The Hornets spread it right to the right and earn a throw which Cleverley shapes towards the box for Richarlison - but the Brazilian puts a loose touch on it to send it out for a goal kick.
1' Richarlison taps back into his own half and we are underway at Goodison Park!
Kenny puts a slick move down the right that finds Niasse - but his attempted touch back to Sigurdsson is just out of reach for the Iceland man and it goes out for a Watford throw.
Subs: Mariappa, Sinclair, Janmaat, Capoue, Karnezis, Okaka, Watson
WATFORD (4-3-3): Gomes, Britos, Holebas, Femenia, Kabasele, Doucoure, Cleverley, Hughes, Carrillo, Gray, Richarlison
Subs: Lookman, Lennon, Williams, Robles, Besic, Calvert-Lewin, Holgate
EVERTON (4-3-3): Pickford, Baines, Keane, Kenny, Jagielka, Gueye, Davies, Baningime, Rooney, Sigurdsson, Niasse
Teams in now as players take to the field...
Despite two losses on the bounce, Watford remain one of the most potent sides going forward in the league; 52% of their shots on target this season have found the back of the net, the highest ratio of all twenty clubs. Even more dangerously for Everton, Richarlison has made more touches in the opposition box than any other top flight player, with a whopping 74. The Brazilian has had 35 shots, six on target, and created 13 chances alone, marking him out as a serious threat.
To say this season has been frugal on goals for Everton would be an understatement; no side has had fewer people net in the Premier League this season than the Toffees, with only Wayne Rooney and Oumar Niasse getting themselves on the scoresheet. Defeat today would make it three on the bounce at home without points – the club’s worst run since March of last year, under Roberto Martinez.
The Hornets don’t have great history at Goodison Park, having taken one point in their last ten league visits. They’ve also only beaten Everton once in eight prior Premier League clashes, the Toffees prevailing five times – but they will take heart from improved form this season, Marco Silva having won as many away games as Walter Mazzarri did all through the 2016/17 campaign, with three.
Following their midweek exit from the Europa League, Everton, under caretaker manager David Unsworth, will be desperate to stop the rot. They can take heart from their opposition’s recent run of form – Watford have posted consecutive losses to Chelsea and Stoke – but the Blues on Merseyside know that defeat today is another nail in their chances of survival.
Hello and welcome as second-from-bottom Everton play host to a Watford side looking for their first win in three in the 2017/18 Premier League. The Toffees have endured a turgid start to the season, with two wins to their name – but can they grab a vital three points against a Hornets side low on confidence? Kick-off is just around the corner.


J. Pickford
L. Baines
M. Britos
M. Keane
P. Jagielka
T. Cleverley
W. Rooney
A. Doucouré
I. Gueye
G. Sigurðsson
A. Gray
W. Hughes
O. Niasse
Kiko Femenía
J. Holebas
T. Davies
C. Kabasele
A. Carrillo
J. Kenny
B. Baningime

Additional info

G. Scott
R. West
Fourth official
M. Atkinson


Match Stats

Everton Watford
38 Attacks (Dangerous) 43
2 Corners 5
13 Fouls 11
12 Free Kicks 18
16 Goal Kicks 4
5 Offsides 1
1 Shots (blocked) 1
2 Shots (off target) 6
4 Shots (on target) 1
0 Shots (woodwork) 0
21 Throw Ins 38

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