11 teams, each plays the others twice - home and away - for a total of 20 games each, over 22 game weeks.
Home and away designation is symbolic as all teams play at several venues.

Scoring points:
3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss.

Table order:
1. points won; 2. points in head-to-head matches; 3. goal difference in hth matches; 4. goals scored in hth matches; 5. total goal difference; 6. total goals scored.

Relegation to the league:
1 team from 1a Divisió
1 more team from 1a Divisió possible to relegate through Play-offs 1/2

Promotion from the league:
1 place: promoted to 1a Divisió
2 place; enters Play-offs 1/2 with one 1a Divisió team for 1 place in 1a Divisió

Relegation from the league:
no relegation from the league

Promotion to the league:
no promotion to the league

Promotion and relegation of II teams:
II teams cannot be promoted.
If any of them finishes on a Promotion Round spot, the next best team in the final table promotes or enters Play-offs 1/2 instead.
II teams are to be relegated regardless of their league position if their first team gets relegated to 2a Divisió.