Misbah slams media "agendas"

24 February 2012 21:16

Since taking over as captain in late 2010, Misbah has helped transform Pakistan from a team in disgrace to a unit which swept the top-ranked Test nation England 3-0 this month.

Pakistan also defeated England in the first T20 international on Thursday, but Misbah continues to be exasperated by criticisms of his captaincy and the team in general.

"Even after when we won the Test matches, I continuously told the media we should be patient and consider the realities," Misbah said.

"We go on to discuss things that don't need to be discussed - when we perform badly we should talk about that, we should talk about weak areas in the team."

"People in the media make comments based on furthering their own agendas, not ground realities. This needs to stop; the media should think positively."

"Appreciate the attributes in the team which are to be admired - even after winning, pinpoint specific mistakes - if a player isn't making centuries, or a bowler is not taking wickets, then discuss those points."

Unlike their Test success, Pakistan were demolished 4-0 in their ODI series against England, but Misbah said no one person was to blame for the defeats.

"What we shouldn't do is start speaking ill of individuals. As a team we lost the ODI series: don't blame one player or just the captain," he said.

"The dramatic changes highlighted are unnecessary. It is these players that have won you six series."

"If we made mistakes and lost a series against a top team, then we should be backed. If the proposed changes highlighted by the media were implemented, we would have six captains and six different teams up to the World Cup in 2015."

"We cannot improve if we continuously ask for captains and teams to be replaced after losing one series. You have to back your players at a certain level."

However, Misbah did address the facet of the game which continues to be Pakistan's Achilles' heel - fielding.

"It's a natural phenomenon," he said. "We don't focus on fitness and fielding at grass roots level."

"Our fielding is much improved from before, but we have to put in a lot of effort to improve. It's not a problem that can be solved overnight."

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