Vettel, Red Bull celebrate title win

4 December 2012 21:41

The German became the youngest-ever triple world champion when his sixth-place finish at the Brazilian Grand Prix saw him end up three points clear of Ferrari's Fernando Alonso in the drivers' standings.

A nervous wait ensued for Vettel after Ferrari requested an investigation into an overtaking move by the 25-year-old during an incident-packed race at Interlagos.

But F1's governing body, the FIA, ruled the move legal, confirming Vettel's title.

Vettel said it had been a gruelling season for the constructors' champions and spoke about the moment he realised the title was his in Sao Paulo.

"In that moment everything just stops, you are simply breathless because as we have already said many times, this year was incredibly long and difficult for all of us," Vettel said.

"Especially the last six races with those blocks of two races in a row and only a week in between.

"I think that was a bit of a horror not only for us drivers, but also for the whole team, the engineers and mechanics, because it sucked whatever last bit of energy you might have had right out of you.

"And then to be under so much stress right up until the end, and in that race everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

"To see the chequered flag and hear that we've got it in the bag, in that moment everything just stops and for a few moments you do not even see anything, you just try to breathe and realise what has actually just happened."

Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey admitted his team had no idea why their cars were unable to be consistently quick throughout the season.

"We didn't have the level of consistency we wanted, and as an engineer that was very frustrating because the truth is we didn't properly understand the car and what was happening," he said.

"It's not just that we weren't fully competitive, it's that lack of understanding which personally I found very frustrating, along with most of our engineers back at the factory."

Meanwhile, Red Bull boss Christian Horner, who expects rivals Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes to hit back hard next season, said the controversy in Brazil would have no affect on how the team raced in 2013.

"We won't change anything about who we are. We focus on what we do on the track. We can only control what we do," he said.

"Ferrari are the oldest team in Formula One. They have a tremendous history. It makes it even more rewarding to win championships when you're going against opponents like Ferrari, like McLaren, like Mercedes-Benz."

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