Tom Brady addresses media, reveals no details of hand injury

19 January 2018 21:03

New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady refused to offer an update on the condition of his right hand when addressing the media before Sunday's AFC Championship game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Pressed on the matter multiple times by reporters, Brady's most common response in the press conference when asked about his hand was: "Not talking about it."

Brady reportedly jammed his right hand on Wednesday in practice when a team-mate accidentally ran into him. It is the hand he throws with.

When a reporter asked Brady thumbs up or thumbs down for Sunday he said with a smug smile, "We'll see." He did say that he "was out there" for practice Friday adding "it was fun," but he didn't indicate how much he was able to do in practice.

Brady attended the press conference in throwing gloves, and that of course added more to the storyline. Twice Brady was asked why he was wearing the gloves but all he said was: "I've worn them before." 

The quarterback did elaborate more about what he saw in the Jaguars and what the Patriots will face on Sunday saying the game will be "a great challenge."

"I think the team's worked hard to get to this point and it will be a great game," Brady said. "We're playing against a really good team that's good in all phases and we're going to have to play really well.

"It's the best team we've faced all year you know they're here for a reason. They are the top-ranked defense in the league, some great players at all levels and really well coached, scoring a lot of points, so we're going to have to play really well." 

Once the questions shifted back to his hand injury, Brady decided he had heard enough and walked out while reporters were still asking questions. 

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