Starc turns down IPL riches for Ashes

25 January 2013 01:36

The 22-year-old could have earned up to $1 million at the IPL in April and May, but has instead decided to spend the six weeks off getting himself in shape for the upcoming Ashes series.

Starc said he consulted a few people close to him about his options, but ultimately said his decision not to play in the tournament was an easy one.

"For me my main objective is to play as much cricket as I can for Australia and that's not in the IPL," Starc said.

"I just have a little bit of time off, refresh mentally and physically, get a bit of time in the gym and then be ready to go for hopefully a tour to England."

When asked if he thinks other Australian players should follow suit, Starc said it is up to each player to decide for themselves.

"I think the IPL is very much a personal preference," he said.

"Some batsman might like to continue hitting balls through that period.

"For someone like myself, I've been lucky enough to be in the park for 18 months pretty much and I play a lot of cricket.

"So for me personally with my cricket, the best option was to have some time off, get a bit stronger in the gym through that time and then be hitting the ground raring to go in England.

"But it's very much a personal preference and obviously guys have got contracts to hold up to."

Starc also weighed in on Australia's controversial rotation policy, saying the players' workloads have to be managed given the amount of cricket that's being played.

"If you're playing all three formats it's almost impossible to play every game at 100 percent," Starc said.

"So you can agree with it, disagree with it - they're only looking at it for the players well-being.

"I think we've just got to really embrace it and understand that the selectors are picking the best Australian team they can at that point in time."

The fast bowler went on to say that the selectors are in a lose-lose situation.

"If you play every game to the point where you break down then the media is going to be on top of them saying, 'look you haven't managed this player well enough'," Starc said.

"As far as we're concerned, as players we're getting ourselves as ready as we can and making yourself available.

"Then if the management says you might need to rest to look after your body and make sure you're missing that one game instead of three months, we're just going to agree with it."

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