Edgy Knicks relieved after halting losing run

25 February 2013 10:49

New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson has blamed his players' frayed tempers on a recent losing run which came to an end on Sunday.

Star players Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler were involved in a heated fracas with Philadelphia centre-forward Spencer Hawes in the third quarter of their 99-93 win over the 76ers.

Chandler received a technical foul but Anthony was slapped with a Flagrant 1 after TV replays showed he elbowed Hawes in the head.

While Woodson didn't condone the actions of his charges, he claimed they were in a feisty mood due to the fact they had lost their previous four matches.

"I don't want to see guys get suspended or fined for throwing punches or anything of that nature," Woodson said.

"When you lose four in a row, and we haven't done that very often, you are on edge a little bit.

"It is my job as the coach to relax and let their play dictate what happens on the floor."

Anthony said he and his frustrated team-mates became sick of losing and were desperate to stop the rot against Philadelphia.

"We got tired of losing, we just had to find a way to come out here and win," Anthony said.

"I think sometimes when you lose games, consecutive games, you start pressing, you start thinking about too much and tonight we came out and just played.

"We're losing games that we think we're supposed to win, you come into a game like this ... we want to win.

"You want to play an energetic high intensity game, back on our home court we didn't want to lose this game."

Chandler maintained the Knicks still harboured realistic ambitions of reining in Eastern Conference leaders Miami and Indiana.

"We still sit top of our division but we have bigger goals and we're chasing the guys in front of us now," he said.

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