James, Heat brush off doubters

13 December 2012 06:57

The reigning champions have won eight of their past 10 matches and James is part of an All-Star trio alongside Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade that have seen the Heat climb to the top of the Southeast division.

"We don't care what people say on the outside," James said.

"We are a team that understand what we need to do to get better and we don't really get involved in what everyone says about us.

"We have heard it all and seen it all before and there is nothing anyone can say about us that we haven't seen before so we don't get involved in it."

Bosh said one of the reasons why Miami are not affected their critics is because the naysayers had even doubted them during their championship-winning campaign last season.

"The sky is always falling and you are the only one who doesn't think that," he said.

"The world always seems to be coming to an end and you have to stay straight.

"We may have a bad loss but we have to bounce back and the schedule isn't going to slow down because of one bad loss and things are not going to get any easier.

"We have been in this position many times before and when the sky is falling you are meant to panic but we don't panic because the sky isn't falling and it is just one game and we just had to talk about it as a team, practice and move on to the next game and leave the past where it was."

Meanwhile, Wade, who has already won two titles with the Heat, said he was enjoying being back on court this season after injury problems.

"Obviously when you have surgery everyone is different and I have been focusing a lot on strengthening my body and my goal coming in was to have a plan and see how the first 20 games and then the next 20 games go," Wade said.

"Hopefully if I do everything right and everything goes well then by the All Star weekend I will be at my peak and the best I have been all season. I want to take that into the playoffs but with injuries you have got to work extra and that is what I have been doing."

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