Giants revel in World Series triumph

29 October 2012 11:32

The Giants overturned a 3-1 series deficit against the St Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series just to make the World Series before they brushed aside a disappointing Detroit side.

Speaking after Sunday's game, Bochy described the win as 'humbling' and insisted his players' ability to bounce back throughout the post-season was a key reason to their success.

"To be world champions in two out the last three years, it's amazing," he said.

"Believe me, I know how hard it is to get here, and I couldn't be prouder of a group of guys that were not going to be denied.

"We had our backs to the wall in the first two series and to do this against this great team, I couldn't be prouder of the guys."

Bochy also highlighted the importance of teamwork throughout the Giants' post-season, stating that the selfless nature of his players was a key feature of their postseason.

"This was a very, very good ball club that played well together. We use that term teamwork loosely but these guys were so unselfish and did such a tremendous job," he said.

Giants batter Pablo Sandoval was named as the series MVP after hitting three home runs in the first game and ending with an average of .500.

The Venezuelan slugger was elated with the victory and his achievement, insisting it did not come easily.

"I'm excited (to be MVP). You have been through ups and downs in your career and you see a result when you never lost the fight," he said.

"You never give up. All the things that happened in my career, thank God it happened early rather than late. I'm just blessed to be here and be part of the 2012 World Series.

"I'm going to ask my brother to pinch me so that I can wake up from this dream."

Detroit Lions manager Jim Leyland was understandably disappointed with the result but admitted the trophy was in the right hands.

"Obviously there was no doubt about it, they swept us," he said.

"So there was certainly no bad breaks, no fluke. I tip my hat to them. Simple, they did better than we did."

First-baseman Prince Fielder echoed his manager's comments, conceding his side failed to find any kind of form throughout the series.

"There were a lot of beautiful things that happened this season. Unfortunately we have to end it with a loss in the World Series," he said.

"I think we never found our confidence at home plate. It was not the same game we played. We could not find our game in the World Series."

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