Police confirm Belcher murder-suicide

2 December 2012 14:26

Belcher shot himself on Saturday in front of Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel having driven to the team's training facility after shooting his girlfriend.

The Kansas City Police Department first received word that the woman, 22-year-old Kasandra M. Perkins, had been shot and sent officers to attend to her before another call claimed there was an incident unfolding at the Chiefs' training facility.

When police officers arrived they saw Belcher, Pioli and Crennel in conversation before the 25-year-old linebacker moved away and shot himself.

"About 10 minutes after eight was when we received the call to the practice facility in regard to Mr Belcher having a gun to his head, standing in the parking lot," Darin Snapp of Kansas City Police said.

"When officers arrived they observed a couple of Chiefs employees who ended up being Pioli and also coach Crennel, were standing there talking to the suspect, when officers were getting out of their cars Belcher started to walk away from them and that's when he shot himself."

When the police arrived at Belcher and Perkins' home, the latter was still alive but she died on the way to hospital.

While they are still trying to piece together what led to Belcher shooting his girlfriend, the police were confident enough to accept that the New York-born player had committed suicide.

"He did," Snapp said.

"When officers pulled up he actually walked away from everyone who was outside witnessing it.

"He actually walked in the opposite direction and that's when he shot himself."

It is understood the conversation between Belcher, Pioli and Crennel was amicable and not at all aggressive from either side.

"We are interviewing everyone that witnessed the incident to find out what went up to it but as far as here at the practice facility the coach stated that Belcher was pretty much thanking them for everything they've done for him since he's been a Chief and that's when he walked away and shot himself," Snapp said.

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